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Automotive Technician

DFW Airport, TX, United States
Nov 26, 2019


Job Description


Job Overview
As an Automotive Technician you will be a part of a highly skilled automotive team that is responsible for repairing, servicing, and maintaining a diverse fleet of hundreds of vehicles that support the various departments at DFW Airport.
What you will be doing:
  • Using test equipment to troubleshoot problems, determine corrective action, make repairs or adjustments and road testing vehicles or equipment to make certain that problems or conditions have been corrected.
  • Performing tune-ups, replacing parts and making adjustments using test equipment and technical manuals.
  • Repairing electrical, fuel, electronic ignition, emission and exhaust systems.
  • Inspecting and replacing or repairing brake systems on vehicles and equipment.
  • Making repairs or complete overhauls on gasoline and diesel engines and alternative fuels.
  • Repairing or replacing front-end parts on vehicles and equipment; aligning the front end.
  • Repairing, replacing and servicing transmissions, drive shafts, U-joints and differential axles.
  • Repairing carburetors, generator-alternators, ball joints, shocks, wheel bearings/seals, starters, fuel pumps and other equipment.
  • Servicing and making repairs to vehicle air conditioning systems.
What you need:
  • Completion of high school curriculum or equivalent.
  • Three (3) years experience as an automotive mechanic.
  • Any equivalent combination of education and/or experience may be substituted for the above.
  • Possession of a valid Class C driver’s license.
What we desire:
  • Knowledge of methods, materials and tools used in repair of automotive equipment.
  • Knowledge of the hazards and safety precautions associated with servicing vehicles and equipment.
  • Skill in tune-up of electrical/fuel systems.
  • Skill in diagnosing and repairing a variety of types of automotive equipment – including small vehicles, medium and large size trucks, and bus equipment.
  • Skill in repair/overhaul of power trains (gasoline, diesel and alternative fuels) engine, transmissions and differentials.
  • Skill in repair/replacement of components such as starters, generators/alternators, carburetors fuel pumps.
  • Ability to test and diagnose malfunctioning equipment and systems.
  • Ability to operate automotive machine shop equipment such as lathe, press, gas and electric welding apparatus, drill press and related equipment.
  • Basic knowledge of computer applications.
  • Ability to pass a medical physical examination.
  • Ability to work shifts, including nights and weekends.
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Job ID# 1004961

Nov 26, 2019

United States